"Strictly speaking, the processing time was too short, but we gladly took on the challenge."


Oliver Schwaiger

Head of technical customer service/tooling technology

This was how the OEM customer's project manager summed things up after the last tool of a tool set had been delivered to the customer's site and had come directly to the series production machine without having been sampled by us beforehand.

"It's inconceivable to still be carving by hand on exterior components such as a high-runner," Oliver Schwaiger, Rathgeber's production manager, repeats, recalling what the OEM project manager had said at the time.

"Strictly speaking, the processing time provided by our customer was too short to produce several of these complex molds for manufacturing high-quality PMMA column panels for a high-runner in such a short space of time, but we had already been well acquainted with this challenge while working on other projects. And we were happy to take it on again!"

How did it come about? Our customer still ordered the first tool set for these components from competitors in Portugal – but the quality delivered did not meet the requirements and necessitated manual reworking on each component, so the customer decided without further ado to order a new tool set from us.