Mold Construction

In mold making, our focus is on complex mold making projects for special product groups, primarily for the automotive industry. Our core competencies include the production of premium injection molds for sealing components (e.g. water trap strips, joint seals), bellows, airflows, front grilles, and engine or design covers. 

We offer everything from a single source and provide our customers with optimal support throughout the process, from the idea to the finished product – and beyond. We also carry out maintenance and modification work quickly and reliably – even on third-party molds if necessary.

"Cheap purchase prices do not equal cheap production processes," which is why we attach the greatest importance to cycle time and stability in our molds. These factors set our molds apart from the rest!

In our opinion, "real" added value is not generated in purchasing, but not until the production process.

For us, the total costs of lifetime are what matter. They are the decisive factor for the economic success of a standard product.

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  • Sealing components
    • Support components with sealing lip in 2K
      • Water collection bars
      • Joint seals A/B/C columns
      • Bars A/B pillars
      • Sill seals
      • Water tank covers


  • Bellows 2K
    • For doors & tailgates


  • Air ducts 2K
    • Conducting, guiding & intake components


  • Front grille / radiator grille
    • Chrome components
    • Paint components
    • Grain components
    • Support components


  • Engine/design covers


  • White goods


  • Industrial applications
  • MuCell
  • Injection-compression molding
  • Multi-components
  • Stack molds
  • Index plates
  • Turntable
  • Turning plates
  • Gate valves
  • Cube tool
  • Shifting tool (special solution)

Automotive Interiors

  • I-panel support


Automotive Exterieuors

  • Water collection bars
  • Joint seals
  • Water tank covers
  • Radiator grille
  • Airflow component
  • Wheel arch trims (painted / grained)
  • Door panels (painted / grained)


Automotive engine compartment

  • Engine covers
  • Airflows



  • Design parts
  • Boxes with cover
  • Support components

Your contacts when it comes to Mold Construction

Mario Möller
Consulting & Sales
Senior Manager

t +49 (0)8846 9203-19
m +49 (0)172 8797848

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