"To build six sophisticated grille tools in just 14 weeks – it was simply unheard of!"


Gerhard Platzgummer

Head of Planning + Control
Authorized Representative
Member of the Executive Management Board

"Our customer, a premium car manufacturer, has a warranty problem with loudspeaker grilles in the dashboard area in some countries and in several model series in the current series and insists on us taking remedial action as quickly as possible," is how the responsible project manager in tool management at our customer, an established 1st-tier supplier, formulated the task briefly and succinctly at the time, says Gerhard Platzgummer, who is responsible for planning and control, recalling the initial situation.

"At the time, this was only possible because we already had a great deal of experience with grilles and employ such flexible colleagues that, with very careful planning of the work steps, capacities can be shifted and adjusted accordingly at short notice. That's real passion!"