"Having insights into what is technically possible and being able to work on the implementation is always a pleasure."


Christian Pröller

Consulting & Sales/Senior Manager
Customer Manager

"We would like to invite you to introduce yourself to us – unfortunately, the project in question is confidential, and we are not allowed to tell you what it is about. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to send you an email regarding this either."

"That's how the person on the other end of the line formulated the verbal invitation," recalls Christian Pröller from Consulting & Sales, who took the call on Rathgeber's behalf at the time.

"Basically, as a mold and tool maker, it is nothing unusual to receive an invitation to present the company at the beginning of the tender process for a project. This invitation, however, was definitely out of the ordinary."

"But that's not the exciting part of the story," adds Christian Pröller, who also coordinates the collaboration with the development department of an OEM, which has now been ongoing for several years.

"What is exciting is what has become of it in the meantime. We had not experienced such close and international cooperation with a process and development department of an OEM before, and it is still very exciting. Having an insight into what is technically feasible and then being able to work on the implementation of technically very demanding developments is always a great challenge, but at the same time it also gives us a great deal of pleasure. Especially since we can always contribute our decades of experience with new technologies from plastics processing in the field of special machine construction in this area."